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Working For Adderbury Community: Heard it all before? This time it’s for real!

Published: 06/10/2017 8:00 AM

Working For Adderbury Community (WFAC) met on Wednesday night for the group’s Inaugural Annual General Meeting. At the well attended meeting the group adopted their constitution and elected trustees Andy Green (Chair), Jackie Head (Vice-Chair), Kate Gibbins (Secretary), Pam Haynes (Treasurer) and from Adderbury Parish Council Councillors Keith Mitchell CBE, Martin Rye and Chris Shallis.

The group is now calling for other interested villages to get involved and help create the vision.

WFAC was formed following the Parish Poll in May this year when the village was asked to vote on whether sports pitches and a community facility should be built on Parish Council owned land on Adderbury’s Milton Road. Following the “yes” vote win, WFAC members were keen to become actively involved in working towards delivering the project, which also includes looking at the Lucy Plackett field and in particularly the buildings area.

In his address Chair Andy Green said, “We know this is a massive project, but thanks to the Parish Poll in May the village has decided this is what it wants and we are willing to roll up our sleeves and start work”.

WFAC is keen that everyone is able to have an input to the project, including clubs, organisations and individuals. Part of the group’s remit will be to ensure any new facilities will not adversely affect existing village amenities. They will also ensure that everything they create can easily survive on an on-going basis without the need for subsidies from the local Council Tax.

If you have ideas, or skills that the group can use, or simply enthusiasm to help them make it happen WFAC would love to hear from you. They are particularly keen to hear the ideas from Adderbury’s young people.

Vice-Chair Jackie Head added, “Other villages have fantastic modern community and sports facilities available to them. Now is the time for Adderbury’s Community to come together and prove we have the same, if not better”.

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