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Speeding, digging and planning amongst the likely subjects at the November Parish Council meeting

Published: 26/11/2018 2:45 PM

Traffic calming is likely to be raised as an issue by residents once again at November’s Parish Council meeting, which is being held tomorrow night. For the last couple of months members of the public have voiced their concerns about the speed and volume of traffic in the village. Parish Councillors serving on the Environment Committee have been investigating the issue and their recommendations are set to be made public and considered by the full council.

After October’s meeting the Parish Council issued a statement on speeding traffic, updating villagers on the Council's plans. It said, “As an immediate first step, the Parish Council wishes to remind all those driving around the village to be considerate neighbours and obey the speed limits which are in place to keep everyone safe. The Parish Council asks residents to do their bit to help with the problem by slowing down”.

Prior to this, at September’s meeting Councillor Colin Astley tabled a report including an assessment and indicative costs for traffic calming in several areas of the village. The recommendations and costs within the report were rejected in a vote, leading to one member of the public angrily interjecting he would donate the initial £12,500 required to get Councillor Astley’s plan underway.

Elsewhere on the agenda, Councillors will consider a report by Chairman Diane Bratt in relation to the archaeological work required for the new Milton Road sports field as part of the planning consent. The appointed contractor, Cotswold Archaeology, are aiming for excavations to take place shortly. Councillors will also consider the notes from Working For Adderbury Community, which now supports the Council’s preferred east-west pitch orientation for the site.

Councillors will also consider cemetery fees for 2019/20 (which are normally increased annually by 3%), current planning applications and a suggestion from a villager for tree planting in The Rise.

A busy agenda also includes a report by Councillor Colin Astley and Parish Clerk Theresa Goss on complaints about foul language on the Lucy Plackett field when football matches are taking place. The same report highlights a response from the football club and their concerns over the amount of dog fouling that they have to deal with on the field.

The meeting takes place at 7.30pm tomorrow (November 27, 2018) at 7.30pm in the Church House. Full details of the agenda and reports can be viewed on the Parish Council website.

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