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Adderbury Parish Council Vice-Chairman Chris Shallis resigns

Adderbury Parish Council Vice-Chairman Chris Shallis has resigned from the Council over the proposed layout for the Milton Road sports and community field site. Mr Shallis has also resigned as a Trustee of Working For Adderbury Community (WFAC), who are working with the Parish Council on the project.At the start of November's Parish Council meeting, Chairman Diane Bratt announced Mr Shallis' resignation, which she said had only been received earlier during the day. It is understood Mr Shallis re...


Speeding, digging and planning amongst the likely subjects at the November Parish Council meeting

Traffic calming is likely to be raised as an issue by residents once again at November’s Parish Council meeting, which is being held tomorrow night. For the last couple of months members of the public have voiced their concerns about the speed and volume of traffic in the village. Parish Councillors serving on the Environment Committee have been investigating the issue and their recommendations are set to be made public and considered by the full council.After October’s meeting the Parish Co...


EDITORIAL: Why I resigned from the Milton Road sports and community facilities project

I voted “yes” in the Parish Poll of 2017. I believed then, and still believe now, that the Parish Council owned field behind Henge Close on the Milton Road is best used to deliver new modern sports and community facilities for the whole of our community. When the “yes” vote won the Parish Poll, I, together with a group of like-minded, community spirited, individuals, opted to give what little spare time I have to volunteer to help create these facilities.We were keen, positive and driven...


Adderbury family victim of frightening aggravated burglary

Thames Valley Police are appealing for witnesses after an Adderbury family were the victims of a frightening aggravated burglary.Three men knocked on the door of a property in Sydenham Close at around 10.50pm last Thursday (1st November 2018). Four people were at home at the time.A teenage boy answered the door. He was forced inside by a large man dressed in black, wearing a balaclava and gloves. The boy ran upstairs to his parents’ bedroom and armed himself with a baseball bat. He was then co...


Referendum thanks from Parish Council

Adderbury Parish Council has issued a statement thanking residents for voting in the Neighbourhood Plan referendum.The plan received 92% of the vote last week (June 21, 2018), whilst only needing to pass the 50% threshold in order to become officially recognised.The statement recognises the length of time taken and commitment in delivering the project, noting the original idea had been initiated by Parish Council Chairman Diane Bratt and Councillor Mike Dolamore back in 2012.The statement conclu...


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