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Parish Poll claims cause flurry of social media exchanges

Published: 09/05/2017 2:00 PM

A number of residents have seen red over some of the claims being spread ahead of the Parish Poll this Thursday. Of the flyers being circulated at least ones does not contain the names of those responsible for making the statements.

Underneath a picture of the “Vote NO” leaflet Jason W wrote on Facebook: “I have never read such rubbish in all my life” and Becki L added, “The pamphlet … is deliberately deceptive, misleading, is not objective or factually accurate”.

Meanwhile some members of the “NO” campaign are questioning the legitimacy of the leaflet from six Parish Councillors promoting a “YES” vote and even ask if the vote might be postponed whilst this is investigated.

Chairman of Adderbury Parish Council Diane Bratt told us that the Parish Poll question in itself was misleading. The question was set by Stephen Betts of Tanners Lane and the law does not allow for it to be changed by either Adderbury Parish Council or Cherwell District Council. Therefore villagers will be asked: “Do you support the plans for football pitches and a clubhouse on the land north of Milton Road?”. Mrs Bratt told us the proposals for this land are actually for “sports pitches and a community facility”.

A number of recent rumours circulating the village include the sales of the Institute and Methodist Church to pay for the development. Adderbury Institute Chairman Andy Green (also editor of Adderbury News) wanted to set the record straight and confirmed the sale of the Institute was not on the cards. Mr Green said, “I spoke to the Charity Commission a number of years ago on this matter and they confirmed there is no clause in the Institute trust document that allows for its sale. This is simply scaremongering. The Institute is not under the control of Adderbury Parish Council anyway”.

A spokesman for Banbury Methodists told Adderbury News that the Methodist Church is owned and controlled by the Circuit and therefore not something under Adderbury Parish Council’s control.

Another rumour is that the sports pitches would be used by Deddington Football Club. Adderbury News understands this rumour stems from the fact Deddington currently use the primary school field for one of their youth teams. We believe no discussions have taken place with Deddington FC with regards the Milton Road land.

A third rumour suggests that in the event of a “no” vote the need for sports pitches and community provision could be fulfilled by purchasing land elsewhere from the sale of the Milton Road site to the developer on the site next door. Again this rumour appears unsubstantiated.

Kate Gibbins told Adderbury News, “I am fed up with all of these dreadful and speculative flyers that keep coming through my door. The question posed is ‘do we want a football pitch on the land of the Milton road’. Why are we voting on this question, one which isn't even what has been proposed for the land? Let's not vote for lies. It is really important to vote YES on May 11th so that the village can then TRULY decide what it wants for the land, our community and future”.

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