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Villagers voting in the Parish Poll between 4 and 9pm today

Published: 11/05/2017 10:30 AM

Today is the day villagers are being asked to visit Christopher Rawlins school to let their views be known on the development of sports pitches and a community facility on the Parish Council owned land to the north of the Milton Road.

Both the “YES” and “NO” campaigns have put leaflets out and the separate views of six Parish Councillors have also been circulated. However some villagers are still confused by how to answer the question that will be asked: “Do you support the plans for football pitches and a clubhouse on the land north of Milton Road?”.

The question was set by Tanners Lane resident Stephen Betts but does not reflect the actual proposal which came from the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan and Parish Council for “sports pitches and a community facility”.

A number of people are questioning how they should vote if they want pitches for different sports, not just football. Adderbury News understands a NO vote would be taken as you not wanting the land at the Milton Road site to be used for sports pitches and a community building. Meanwhile a YES vote would be taken as you wanting to see the provision of a community building and sports pitches (to include football but also other sports for all ages) to mirror other similar villages.

You can download copies of the three campaign flyers here:

We understand the village website Adderbury.Org has already published the text from the No Campaign and the statement from Parish Councillors but is refusing to print the YES campaign flyer saying they have "kept things even".

A number of other leaflets have been circulated but we are not sharing these as they have remained anonymous and the source of the information cannot be validated.

Six Parish Councillors are on record as supporting a YES vote (Bratt, Griffiths, Mitchell, Shallis, Lyons and Rye). Four Parish Councillors are on record as supporting a NO vote (Astley, Gill, Clarke and Jelfs). Councillors Asbury and Cox have not given their official support to either campaign.

The Parish Poll will be held at Christopher Rawlins School tonight from 4 – 9pm. Anyone on the electoral role is invited to vote, but this must be done in person. There is no alternative option for those unavailable today. The vote, which is being run by Cherwell District Council, is non-binding.

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