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Ian Asbury resigns from Parish Council

Published: 03/07/2017 1:55 PM

Ian Asbury has tendered his resignation from Adderbury Parish Council. Mr Asbury of Cross Hill Road joined the Parish Council in May 2016. At the time Mr Asbury, alongside all other Parish Councillors, was elected by default as too few villagers stood to require the electorate to vote. Mr Asbury had previously served on the Parish Council for a period from 2007.

A notice on the Parish Council website advises that an election will be held to fill the vacancy if requested by ten electors by the 19th July 2017. If no request is received by this date the vacancy will be filled by co-option, whereby existing Councillors will select who joins them from those applying for the position.

All Parish Councillors must seek re-election every five years with the next full vote scheduled for 2020. Until recently mid-term vacancies tended to be filled by co-option. However a number of villagers requested a vote to fill the vacancy created earlier this year. At the time former County Council Leader Keith Mitchell CBE stood against ACAG Chairman Peter Burrows and Mr Mitchell was elected after a narrow win. At the time a number of villagers questioned the wisdom a spending public funds on a formal election; however others argued that the expense was valid and their democratic right.

More information on the vacancy can be found on the Parish Council website.

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