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Tree causes Adderbury power outages

Published: 07/03/2019 4:30 PM

A large number of Adderbury homes suffered several power interruptions on Thursday (07/03/19) after a tree branch touching overhead cables caused supplies to fail. The area was suffering windy conditions at the time.

A number of individuals told Adderbury News they had been affected. Nicola Simms reported problems “every few minutes” and Vicky Jones said, “Just as I go round the house resetting everything it happens again”.

Western Power Distribution sent engineers to investigate the problem and tracked it down to a tree close to the sub-station behind the Red Lion. They told us, “[There were] A series of short power cuts starting at 11.31am as a result of a branch touching an overhead line at a substation behind The Red Lion pub on The Green at Adderbury. The power came back on when the wind lifted the branch off the line; then went off again with further contact.

“The branch cut off the power completely at 12.15pm leaving 609 homes without electricity. Of these, all bar 107 had power restored by 12.24pm”.

Western Power Distribution confirmed their engineers were still at the site and expected the remaining homes to have their power restored by 3pm.

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