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Annual Parish Meeting Presentations: Traffic Calming

Published: 12/04/2019 8:00 PM

At next Tuesday’s Annual Parish Meeting traffic calming is likely to be a hot topic with many people concerned about speeding traffic in the village. Jonathan White has been working with Adderbury Parish Council on the options available to the village and will present these on the night. Ahead of the meeting Adderbury News has invited Mr White to give a preview of what will be covered:

“We’ve been given a slot at the Annual Parish Meeting next week to outline the traffic calming work that the Environment Committee is coordinating on behalf of the village. The aim of this is to bring to a wider range of residents a quick summary of:

- the main issues identified by residents,

- key data from the traffic surveys carried out by Oxfordshire County Council Highways,

- the areas of greatest concern around the village (and there are a few!),

- some feasible options for traffic calming and what might be possible for enforcement,

- initial views on how best to allocate the available funds,

- the priorities identified for when further funding becomes available,

- progress to date and the next stages.

Please come along, have a look at what we’re doing, and most importantly why we’re proposing what we are. A summary of the options under consideration is available here.

We’re still at the feasibility stage of evaluating these options and defining what we think is best suited for each location. To get us through this and into implementation at anything like the pace that some of the issues warrant, two or three further proactive and pragmatic people would make a big difference. No specialist skills are needed, mainly just the ability to capture the output of discussions in brief reports, and include photos and sketches as appropriate. A good organiser is also needed if Community Speedwatch is to happen. As OCC Highways have said, they will help us with the technical, legal, procurement and implementation aspects, but if residents want traffic calming in Adderbury, then we have to drive this ourselves and make it happen.”

Jonathan White
Adderbury Resident and co-opted member of Adderbury Parish Council Environment Committee

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