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Opportunity to view current project plans ahead of Parish Poll

Published: 09/05/2019 5:45 PM

Villagers are invited to view the plans for two major village projects this weekend. On Saturday evening members of Working For Adderbury Community (WFAC) will be in the Institute displaying the latest version of their plans for the proposed Milton Road sports and leisure development. They will be joined by members of Adderbury Parish Council’s Environment Committee who will be showing their proposals for traffic calming through the village.

The plans for both projects were covered within presentations at Adderbury’s Annual Parish Meeting. However that meeting concluded with dissatisfied villagers setting three Parish Poll questions relating to both issues. The Parish Poll is due to take place next Monday (May 13, 2019) and the organisers of Saturday’s exhibition see the session as an opportunity for those who were not present at the Annual Parish Meeting to find out more. It is also a chance for those who saw the original presentations to ask any further questions they may have.

WFAC Chairman Jackie Head told us, “We welcome the opportunity to talk through the proposed plans and answer any questions relating to the project. The main thrust of the exhibition is to show progress to date and invite comments. The main visuals are the field layout, the building plan and the concept visual of what the finished design might look like. We can talk finances if anyone wants to. We hope to get visuals together of the Lucy Plackett to invite suggestions. There will be a comments book to cover both the Milton Road site and the Lucy Plackett field”.

A statement from Adderbury Parish Council highlighted some of the areas the Environment Committee had been working on, which will be detailed on the night. The statement said, “APC’s Environment Committee is currently working closely with OCC [Oxfordshire County Council] officers to develop a plan for traffic calming throughout the village. This is focussed on five key areas: Oxford Road, Twyford Road, Berry Hill Road through to the Milton Road; Aynho Road; Banbury Road/Twyford Gardens. The Committee aims to achieve effective traffic calming throughout the village”.

The Institute will be open to members of the public to view the plans for both projects this Saturday evening (May 11, 2019) between 5.00pm and 8.00pm. Tea and coffee will be available.


Adderbury News plans to publish an analysis of all the information we have received from different groups with regards traffic calming this weekend, ahead of the Parish Poll next week.

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