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Traffic calming confusion? The deciding factors in the Parish Poll

On Monday villagers are invited to vote in the latest Parish Poll, with traffic calming the core issue this time. In amongst the various messages from rival campaigns some people remain confused as to what they are voting for. In essence you are being asked to vote on whether you are happy with the Parish Council’s current plans to deal with traffic calming. If you are not happy the second question then asks whether you are happy for funds to be diverted from other projects (primarily the Milt...


Time to decide: voting in the Parish Poll gets underway on Monday afternoon

With just days to go until voting begins in the latest Parish Poll this weekend is likely to see a final push by those hoping to secure support from villagers.Voting booths will open in the Methodist Hall on the High Street on Monday afternoon at 4pm. All villagers on the electoral role are entitled to vote, but on this occasion poll cards have not been issued and residents simply need to attend and identify themselves. The poll will close at 9pm.Three questions were set at Adderbury’s Annual ...


Opportunity to view current project plans ahead of Parish Poll

Villagers are invited to view the plans for two major village projects this weekend. On Saturday evening members of Working For Adderbury Community (WFAC) will be in the Institute displaying the latest version of their plans for the proposed Milton Road sports and leisure development. They will be joined by members of Adderbury Parish Council’s Environment Committee who will be showing their proposals for traffic calming through the village.The plans for both projects were covered within prese...


Plans for Three 5-Bedroom Houses in The Leys Attacked

Plans to build three 5-bedroom houses in the back garden of a house in The Leys have been attacked by those concerned that the area is not suitable for such a development.The owners of Biggam House have applied for planning permission to create three new dwellings behind their existing property. Each house would include a double garage and a separate drive accessed from the adjacent concrete road, which is the main access to the sewage works.The plans claim that “The dwellings have been carefu...


Mike Bishop retains Cherwell seat for Conservatives

Conservative Mike Bishop has retained his seat on Cherwell District Council at the 2019 local elections. Mr Bishop is one of three Councillors elected to represent Adderbury on Cherwell District Council, along with Bodicote and Bloxham. He secured 52% of the vote (1189).The Green Party candidate, Andy Aris, came second with 416 votes (18%), ahead of Suzette Watson who is the Labour Party’s prospective candidate for the next General Election. Ms Watson received 377 votes (17%).Despite the Liber...


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