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Mike Bishop retains Cherwell seat for Conservatives

Conservative Mike Bishop has retained his seat on Cherwell District Council at the 2019 local elections. Mr Bishop is one of three Councillors elected to represent Adderbury on Cherwell District Council, along with Bodicote and Bloxham. He secured 52% of the vote (1189).The Green Party candidate, Andy Aris, came second with 416 votes (18%), ahead of Suzette Watson who is the Labour Party’s prospective candidate for the next General Election. Ms Watson received 377 votes (17%).Despite the Liber...


Three Parish Poll questions proposed at chaotic Annual Parish Meeting

Adderbury’s Annual Parish Meeting ended in chaotic scenes last Wednesday (April 17, 2018) as villagers sought to take control of key decisions through the “Parish Poll” system. Residents on the electoral role will now be invited to vote on the three questions proposed at the meeting.In fractious scenes inside a packed Methodist Church a number of exchanges took place between Councillor Colin Astley and Parish Council Chairman Diane Bratt who disagreed on the management of the meeting. Duri...


Annual Parish Meeting Presentations: Traffic Calming

At next Tuesday’s Annual Parish Meeting traffic calming is likely to be a hot topic with many people concerned about speeding traffic in the village. Jonathan White has been working with Adderbury Parish Council on the options available to the village and will present these on the night. Ahead of the meeting Adderbury News has invited Mr White to give a preview of what will be covered:“We’ve been given a slot at the Annual Parish Meeting next week to outline the traffic calming work that t...


Annual Parish Meeting Presentations: Working For Adderbury Community

At next Tuesday’s Annual Parish Meeting a presentation on the proposed development of sports pitches and a community facility on the Milton Road site will be given by Jackie Head, Chairman of Working For Adderbury Community (WFAC). Ahead of the meeting Adderbury News has invited Mrs Head to give a preview of what will be covered on the night:“Two years ago Adderbury village voted by a significant majority in a Parish Poll to go ahead with the development of the Milton Road site to have commu...


Hot Topics on the Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

Adderbury’s Annual Parish Meeting will take place next Tuesday with traffic calming, the new community and sports facilities on the Milton Road and health and well being taking centre stage.The yearly meeting is open to anyone and those on the Adderbury electoral role are able to pose questions. The meeting is being facilitated by Adderbury Parish Council and will be overseen by Parish Council Chairman Diane Bratt, although it is not officially a Parish Council meeting.Three speakers are lined...


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